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Uttar Pradesh (INDIA)

Current Project

A brief write up on the programmes which the organisation currently running


Our organization has been selected for NGOs (Mother NGO) in the field of RCH by Govt. of India. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in two district Meerut and Bijnor.

Targeted Intervention Programme (FSW) in Meerut City Under UPSACS

GRAVIS is running TI Project in Meerut city for prevention of HIV/AIDS in High Risk Group (HRGs). In this program we are covering 13 hotspot areas from central part of the city. The objective of this program is to bring behavior change in sexual practices for Preventing HIV infection among FSW by introducing safe methods, proper counseling and time to time testing of HIV at ICTC Centre. We have also implementing following activities for awareness as :- (1) Peer dialogue-based IPC. (2) Mid Media Activity. (3) Street Play (4) Film Show. (5) Static Clinic and Satellite clinic (6) Counseling Activities. (7) Advocacy Meeting and (8) Condom Outlets.

Targeted Intervention Programme (Truckers) in Ghaziabad City Under UPSACS

Targeted intervention for Truckers is also running by “GRAMMEN VIKAS SANSTHA” at Ghaziabad since 2013. This program is aimed at offering prevention and care service to high risk population (Truckers) long distance truck drivers and their helpers spend month at a stretch on the highways and thus are away from their home family members for extended periods of time. These truckers are more likely to engage in high risk sexual behavior than short distance truckers. They may have multiple sexual partners including female sex worker (FSWs ,MSMs) on the highway , or have a other fixed partner en route or at place where they stop for rest or food .

This program improves sexual and reproductive health (SRH) among these population and improve general health by helping them reduce the harm associated with behavior such as truckers.

Under this program we are providing following services to them
  • Counsel Truckers to use of condom to safe themselves and their partner from HIV/AIDS.
  • Aware them about HIV/AIDS and usefulness of condom.
  • To give treatment to them who are infected by STI symptoms and link the HIV positive cases to ART center.
  • To provide easily condom in TSL area.

GRAVIS is also implementing UHI program for improving mother & child health in District Aligarh and Agra with an objective to reduce maternal & infant mortality rate by promoting family planning methods in urban slums of the Districts. GRAVIS reached a population of 162392 in 32 slums of Aligarh through the outreach and mobilization efforts of 9 outreach workers and 85 peer educators and a population of 161213 in 71 slums through the outreach and mobilization efforts of 7 outreach workers and 74 peer educators in Agra.

The goal of UHI for implementing the program is to
  • Contribute to a significant increase in contraceptive prevalence rate (CPR) to reduce maternal and infant survival
  • To establish models and systems to facilitate National Urban Health Mission’s implementation

In this program we have organized so many activities to make the program successful and to increase the CPR upto 63.68322 which was 44.552936 in Agra in Sep, 2013 and in Aligarh the CPR is 20.64 which was 15.95 in 2011.

Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission (PPTCT) Program in Meerut, Ghaziabad & Saharanpur

GRAVIS is implementing this program since 2011 in Meerut, Ghaziabad & Saharanpur district with an objective to prevent the coming child from HIV positive mother. In this program we are refereeing the ANC women for HIV testing at PPTCT centre located in District Women Hospital and District Medical hospital and if any women detected positive so we linked her at ART centre for CD4 testing and other related treatment. We have also followed up the women and her child up to 18 month after delivery on weekly and monthly basis for Nevirapine, CPT and other test.


GRAVIS is also running a primary school in Garhmukteshwar since 1998 supported by NEG FIRE. In this school there are 8 rooms, corridor, adequate furniture, sports materials, six teaching staff etc. We are also putting special efforts and trying for high level care to develop interest in the mind of the children as well as their parents towards education.